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Vapour Blasting

We offer vapour blasting here at South Cerney Engineering. Based between Cirencester, Gloucestershire and Swindon Wiltshire we are very centrally located. Vapour blasting also known as aqua blasting or wet blasting is a fast efficient cleaning process commonly used for the removal of dirt from the surfaces of parts.  

First pioneered back in WW2 by Rolls Royce engineers Norman Ashworth and Frank Whittle to be used as a shot peening process on cast turbine engine blades, the process undertook some considerable development.


In 1950 the UK banned the use of crystalline silica due to health risks. This prompted Norman Ashworth to evolve the vapour blast process into its current guise in the 1950s as a wet blast process using water to eliminate possible dangerous dust particles.



Next to the Vapour blast machine is the hot wash machine for final clean.

What can be cleaned

Most items can be cleaned using vapour blasting, the cleaning process is very suitable for aluminium parts but can be used on a wide range of materials due to how vapour blasting works, Many other materials can also be vapour blasted such as copper, brass, steel, some plastics, ceramics and even wood.


Our large vapour blast machine has a rotary table and an alloy wheel stand enabling us to handle larger than usual items such as,


  • Alloy Wheels

  • Large engine blocks

  • Gearbox casings

  • Cylinder heads

  • Camshaft Covers

  • Water Pumps

  • Inlet Manifolds

  • Carburetors

  • Ceramics

  • Electrical motor parts

  • Industrial components

  • and much more


Not only do we offer vapour blasting, but we can hot wash engine blocks, cylinder heads and carburettors in readiness for assembly, we can offer to rebuild carburettors, gearboxes and engines 


Other cleaning services we offer are as follows:


  • Acid dipping

  • Sand blasting (dry blasting)

  • Vapour blasting

  • Degreasing tanks

  • Ovens

  • Steam cleaning

  • Hot wash

Get in touch

Our friendly team of time served engineers can advise on the most suitable methods to be used to clean your parts.

An ideal process for the restoration and refurbishment of parts to exceptional standards

As a part of our component cleaning services here, our built to order vapour blasting machine is set up to enable vapour blasting efficiently and quickly with turn around times able to be just hours if needs be. 


With size in mind, this machine is bigger than most and comes with the more efficient heated closed loop filtration system for reducing cleaning times.


The parts can be delivered to us clean or dirty, we have separate parts cleaning machines to wash off excess grime, oils and dirt prior to entering the vapour blasting machine.


Why use vapour blasting

Vapour blasting uses an abrasive glass bead in a water-based solution which is propelled at the part with specially designed water pumps and compressed air. This removes staining, carbon deposits, dirt and corrosion from parts. It leaves a finish like new on the components and does not cause any media impregnation into the part.  It works on flow and not impact so it is a gentle kinder process when it comes to cleaning soft materials producing a smoother more consistent finish.

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