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CNC Turning

At South Cerney Engineering our engineers are problem solvers, we bring technical know-how to a wide range of precision manufactured parts and enjoy building long standing partnerships with other businesses. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust, common values, and mutual respect

Manufacturing a Race Car brake disc bell with turning vanes on one of our LPM CNC machines.

With this, we enjoy evolving and developing our facility to work in harmony with our business partners to deliver winning products for the target audience. 

To achieve this, good communications is required and with our location being between Cirencester, Gloucestershire and Swindon Wiltshire we are centrally located and easy to get to for our services.

Our turning facility is supported my many other on-site machining processes and services enabling complex parts to be manufactured under one roof. We can also offer a range of surface and heat treatment services for parts enabling us to offer a turnkey solution for a finished product. 


We have the following lathes

CNC Turning Machines

XYZ SLX 425  1.25m bed

XYZ RLX 425  2m bed

Manual Lathes


Tarnow 450  2.8m bed

hmt refacer

Colchester Mastiff 1400

All machines have steadies


CNC turned lorry bolts made on our SLX 425 lathe

Milled and turned pulley with adaptor


Milled and turned pulley with adaptor

Our passion for engineering stems from wanting to make existing parts better, more reliable, it’s a creative profession whereby we get to discover or invent better methods or parts for our customers. This analytical logical way of thinking allows us to be more adept to new found problems. 


Needing a machined part fast, we can quote and manufacture same day thanks to stocking a wide range of materials and sizes having a flexible team of staff willing to go the extra mile when needs be. 

Precision Engineering





DSC_0111 use.JPG




South Cerney Engineering is situated between Swindon and Cirencester, near Gloucester, on the border of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. This makes us well situated for great access links throughout the UK and Europe. We also offer our own delivery service if based locally.

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