General Engineering

With the engineering expertise, machinery, and facilities that we have at our disposal, we are able to offer a wide range of general engineering services to our clients.

Our engineers take pride in repairing and preserving any sort of machinery, from the earliest up to the most modern.

SCE’s highly adaptable team has an intuitive understanding of how machines work, and combined with the application of basic engineering principles, we can come up with solutions to the most obscure mechanical problems.

Our rural location means that we are frequently called upon to carry out repair work to tractors, farm machinery, implements, and other agricultural and forestry machinery. As examples of our wide-ranging services, other engineering projects have included:

  • Repair of old printing presses
  • Re-machining AGA hotplates
  • Repairs to Victorian pipe work and radiators
  • Repairs to a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine
  • Work on steam engine parts
  • and fixes for hang gliders, paint ball machines and falconry items!

In short, if it’s mechanical and it’s worn out or broken, no matter how old or new, SCE has the skills and facilities to help you get it working again.

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